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Dats trucking was established in 1988 to become the best transportation service in the state of Utah.  The main purpose of the trucking service is to provide superior quality motor and transportation service. Due to the premium quality service and loyal customers, DATs has become a dramatically well-known trucking service.

In very little time the trucking service has become one of the preferred transportation and logistics services and within a decade it reaches 250 power units and 850 trailers from a single truck. The company has established more than 16 service centers in 5 states. The truck service is the main source of transferring the items from merchants to the desired location.

Dats Trucking:


Dats Trucking

The package that you have booked with the truck service has an identifiable tracking number that helps you know the parcel’s exact location. Moreover, it may help you to know the estimated delivery time of the parcel.

The trucking company is the best one in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah. It has partnered with the best regional LTL carriers to provide the best quality service to California, Oregon, and Washington.

The LTL carrier delivers the parcels within no time to the desired location safely and securely.  The trucking service is ensuring the best and on-time delivery service with the standard delivery timing. 

Features of DATS trucking:

The unique features of express trucking make it the world’s leading delivery brand. Let’s have a look at those premium features of the DATS Trucking.

  • Delivery available in grounded trucking
  • Special delivery on weekends
  • Quick Customer Service
  • Deliver in few hours
  • Tracking code
  • Schedule delivery
  • Logistic and freight solution
  • Delivery chain management

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