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Dynamex  Tracking force logistics is a final delivery offering shipping service of logistics and parcel delivery in the United States and Canada.  The dynamic tracking service is offering you to deliver parcels from merchants to the desired location. Force is a leader of North America in the transportation and logistics industry. 

Dynamex Tracking:


The tracking service is offering its deliveries on weekends according to the needs of its customers. Normally it works only on working days but weekend deliveries are also possible for this courier service. After booking your parcels your parcels are allotted the unidentifiable tracking code that helps you to track the exact location of your parcels.

Dynamex Tracking

Moreover, this courier service also offers same-day delivery and next-day delivery option. The tracking number format of T-force courier is a combination of alphabets and numeric numbers so it may look like this DXCFUL5192193. The courier service is working in Canada and the USA for supplying the parcels quickly. This service is working domestically and internationally on time.

Dynamex shipping tracking:

Canpar Express, ICS Courier, Loomis Express are also working with the TForce Integrated Solutions to deliver the items quickly even in no time. The Dynamex tracking is offering a home delivery solution for the ease of the people. They will pick up the parcels from the homes, warehouses, and anywhere else. It is easy to ask them to pick up your parcel.

Above all, it is most preferable for B2B, financial business, medical facilities, and other e-commerce businesses. T-tracking is actually a cost-efficient service and it removes the other additional costs and makes it efficient for the larger business. You can track your shipment by using waybills from China, Israel, the USA, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands.

Features of Dynamex tracking:

The features of t-tracking logistics are making it a preferred choice for the people and the larger e-commerce business. Let’s have a look at the features of the tracking service. 

  • Cost-effective for the small and large e-commerce businesses
  • Same day/ next day delivery according to the customer’s need
  • Dynamex Tracking Work on weekends if needed
  • Quickly and reliable delivery service
  • Order tracking through an identifiable tracking number
  • Offering services to B2B, Medical, and financial business
  • On-demand life-saving deliveries
  • Working domestically and  internationally
  • Strong  built-in API for tracking

How to check the Dynamex parcel delivery status with the tracking code?

  • You need to fill up the form available for booking. After booking confirmation you will be allotted a tracking code.
  • Fill out the above space with the allotted tracking code.
  • On the next page, you will have all the relevant details regarding your parcel, the exact location of your parcel, and when it will be delivered.

What if I cannot track my package through the t force tracks?

In case you are unable to track your parcels you can wait and try again due to the high traffic on the website it will take time. You can use the Dynamex app for tracking. Otherwise, you can contact our customer support which is working 24/7 for its customers. 

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