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Forever 21 tracking is an American-based brand. Their headquarters of package tracking is in  Los Angeles, California. Forever was opened as a store by a husband and wife. They launched their very first store in 1984 and have fully established themselves as a clothing store, now in recent times, they have almost 700 stores including XXI Forever, Love 21 in  America, Asia middle east, and the United Kingdom.

Forever 21 Tracking:


Forever 21 Tracking

Forever order tracking is mostly known for its trendy offerings at such affordable prices. Further, Forever 21 is rapidly growing in the fashion industry. The tracking deals in accessories, beauty products, and goods for home and of course where they start clothing for men, women, and kids too.

The company is also involved in controversies ranging from labor practice and copyright fragmentary. The brand received a score in fashion transparency which means none of them is certified by labor standards. 

History of fashion 21:

Fashion 21 was originally founded by a husband and a wife on Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang from Korea on16th April 1984. The tracking order store is located at 5637 N. Figueroa Street in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles and that is still in operation, with the chain’s original name. 

In its first year in operation, its sales totaled almost  $700K and by 2013, there were probably 480 stores and the revenue of forever 21 trackings was $3.7 billion. In 2015 they generated their peak revenue of $4.4 billion.

Tracking store count:

Forever 21 has the following stores; some of them are closed now.

The Americas:

 United States: 371

 Brazil: 31

 Mexico: 26

 Colombia: 8

 Chile: 6

 Costa Rica: 4

 Guatemala: 3

 Dominican Republic: 2

 Ecuador: 2

 Honduras: 2

 Panama: 2

 Peru: 2

 El Salvador: 1

 Paraguay: 1

 Uruguay: 1

 Bolivia: 1


 India: 21

 Philippines: 8

 Israel: 8

 United Arab Emirates: 9

 Malaysia: 5

 Indonesia: 4

 Saudi Arabia: 4

 Singapore: 1

 Bahrain: 2

   Nepal: 1

 Jordan: 2

 Kuwait: 1

 Macau: 2

 Oman: 1

 Qatar: 2


 Poland: 5

 Germany: 7

 France: 1

 Austria: 2

 Bulgaria: 2

 Czech Republic: 2

 Romania: 2

 Russia: 2

 Cyprus: 1

 Greece: 1

Former locations

 Hong Kong (closed 2019)

 Spain (closed April 28, 2014)

 Ireland (closed late 2018)

 Taiwan (closed March 31, 2019)

 South Korea (closed on October 17, 2019)

 Japan (closed on October 31, 2019)

 Canada (closed on November 30, 2019)

 Puerto Rico (closed early 2020)

 United Kingdom (closed early 2020)

 South Africa (closed early 2020)

 Guam (Closed early 2020)



 Australia (Closed early 2020s)

 Belgium (Closed in 2016)

 Netherlands: (Closed in January 2018)

 Lebanon: (Closed in May 2020)

 Thailand: (Closed in June 2018)

After knowing much about their history you must want to know about tracking the order:

How to track the order from forever 21 tracks?

In case you want to track your order you just simply need to open their website and press the person icon on the right top. you are going to link to see the past orders link and click it. You’ll have all the history of your past orders and then click the tracking number next to it. Every customer is provided by their track number. You just need to enter the following to know the status of your product, rather it’s shipped or where’s the destination.

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