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GLS tracking is also known as general logistics service, a British-owned company established in  Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The company was established by Rico Back in 1989 and was initially known as the German parcels. With the passage of time, it was renamed the GLS and now it’s performing operations all around Europe.

GLS Tracking:


The company is working with 17000+ employees and today it’s the subsidiary of the well-known royal mail. Today the GLS courier service offers its operations in 41 European countries and covers about 8 US states. The parcel delivery offers you a mobile paperless GLS label and you can pay online. Now the GLS is working in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada, etc. 

GLS Tracking

GLS tracking is working with the most updated information with the use of technology. If you want to know the exact location of your parcel and the estimated time when your parcel will arrive you can track it with the 14 digits tracking number allotted after the booking confirmation.

Anyone with that tracking number can track the parcels, it includes all the relevant information. After entering the tracking code all the information will be displayed on the screen.

How does tracking Europe work?

Each parcel consists of a 2D barcode that includes all the relevant information including the parcel number so it helps you to track your parcel quickly. The GLS Nederland tracking is working entirely online with the use of technology; it means you can access all the information within no time.

Moreover, the courier service is offering you an AfterShip facility to engage its customer for example, whenever your parcel is loaded from any location or reaches any certain location it will update that on the website. Also, you can get SMS or email notification regarding your parcel. Another feature that makes the GLS preferable is that with the courier service you can have the tracking of your parcel in real-time.

GLS tracking delivery option:

The express service is utilizing many delivery options such as there is an option whether you want to receive at your home or would you prefer the pick-ups? In many countries the GLS Tracking courier service allows anyone in your neighborhood to accept your parcels. 

In Case you missed out on your parcels you can have your parcels from the parcel shop of that specific courier company. The GLS International tracking shops are essential for delivering online because these shops have long opening hours and they are the parcel accepting points.

They will receive the parcels on your behalf and you can pick them up anytime. The courier service normally works from Monday to Friday but offers deliveries on weekends it delivers the express shipments with little extra charges.  

Domestically, GLS delivers the parcel in quick 24 hours and internationally it takes almost 24-96 hours for delivering parcels safely. You can track your parcel with the tracking number otherwise you can contact our customer support.

Tracking number format:

The tracking code of the GLS courier service consists of 9 numeric digits which shows as 123 123 123. You can track your parcels by entering this tracking code quickly and easily. 

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