Tirupati Courier Tracking – Trace And Track Your Parcel

Tirupati courier tracking is the best way to trace your parcel’s location. You can track the Tirupati courier number at any time without calling customer care. Here you will get an easy guide on how to track your parcel using the Tirupati courier tracking number.

Tirupati Courier Tracking:


You can check details of courier like estimated date of delivery, the current location of courier service with the help of Tirupati courier tracking number or parcel number. You can track your parcel by using that information.

Tirupati courier tracking

Here you will get necessary information like how to track  Tirupati courier tracking numbers which is very beneficial for e-commerce business owners.

Steps to follow for tracking:

There are two steps you need to follow to track your courier using the Tirupati courier tracking number.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of India Post Parcel Product. Also, You can directly go to their official website by clicking here.
  • Search for the number there you will see your Parcel ID copy that ID and paste it in the below box. Also, If you have a parcel number then directly paste it without any space here at the upper box of the given webpage.
  • It is to check if both your details are the same or not. Parcel ID is very useful for e-commerce business owners to track couriers.
  • If you have the correct parcel ID then click on the ” Find” button after that you will get all information about your shipment like the Estimated delivery date, the current location of courier service, etc.

What are the different types of Tirupati tracked couriers?

There are 19 types of Tirupati tracked courier eg: AP, SFCL, COURIER 9INR, PARCEL, etc. In this guide, I will just provide you with all the necessary information about TP1/TP2/TP3 series. If your courier type is not listed here please post a comment below so I can update this article.

What are the different types of Tirupati Tracking numbers?

The common types are TP1, TP2, and TP3. TP1 is used for registered posts, TP2 is used for the express courier, and TP3 is used for ordinary parcels.


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