Hermes Logistik Gruppe Tracking – Track Your Package Online

Hermes is a German courier service that offers tracking services for its users. In 2003 the company introduced its online parcel tracking system that has been used by numerous people all over the world. Hermes uses different transport companies to deliver parcels from one place to another, so it allows users to track multiple shipments at once. The information about the delivery is being sent directly to its client’s email, so people can access it anywhere in the world.

Hermes Logistik Gruppe Tracking:


A logistics company that operates in more than 220 countries worldwide. Customers include DHL, the European Parliament, and Airbus. It was originally known as Deutsche Post Brief- und Kurierdienst (German Mail Letter and Courier Service). In 2013 it changed its name to Deutscher Paketdienst (German Parcel Service). And finally, Hermes Ground Handling was established when DHL Ground (UK) Limited was formed in 2000.

Hermes Logistik Gruppe Tracking

Hermes has established an international reputation for providing reliable delivery services. It specializes in the collection and distribution of documents, parcels, and even pallets through its ground express service. Hermes is part of the Hermes Group which includes other companies such as DHL.

Features of Hermes Logistik Gruppe Tracking

  • Hermes offers numerous features for its users that are very useful when tracking parcels. One of them is Hermes live track, which sends alerts to users about their sendings. Users are informed about any changes in the delivery, for example, if it has been delayed, delivered, or needs extra fees. This service is free of charge and can be availed by everyone who has sent a parcel with Hermes Logistik Gruppe company.
  • Another interesting feature that this company offers to its users is the Hermes Fast Dictate. It allows people to track multiple sendings just by typing the tracking number. It is very convenient for people who need to track numerous parcels or do not have much time for deliveries.
  • There are also special services that might be interesting for companies. Hermes offers parcel audits so businesses can always keep track of their deliveries and understand how they can improve their process of shipping. They also make reports about the process which allows business owners to see how efficient their staff is. That is very helpful especially for smaller companies that do not have enough resources to make reports on their own.
  • The company makes sure to keep up with modern times, so they introduced electronic signatures. This way businesses can track all of their deliveries without filling any paper forms. All people have to do is just sign it on their tablet or laptop and Hermes company will automatically create a report about what has been signed and when.
  • All in all, the online tracking system is very useful for everyone who wants to track their parcels with ease without having to visit courier offices. It makes the tracking process faster and more convenient.

Benefits Gruppe Tracking

Hermes is one of the best shipping companies known for its quality, reliability, and services. However, now you can track your Hermes shipments directly from our website. Here are the benefits of tracking Hermes Logistik Gruppe Tracking Device given below:

  •  You can monitor all your Hermes shipments in a single dashboard. Now you don’t need to log in separately on every device like on the Hermes website, you will get all the tracking information from a single platform.
  • Now Track Your Hermes Shipments by Tracking Number or Package ID or Airway Bill number. So tracking becomes much easier.
  • You can track many shipments of different destination countries simultaneously and easily.
  • You can also track your shipments from different countries of the world.
  •  You can monitor all your Hermes shipments from your mobile as well as from a desktop device.
  • Now you don’t have to visit the Hermes website for tracking updates because we are sending all status in one place.
  • 400;”>Track shipping status and watch transit locations on the map.
  •  Track Hermes services like Parcel, Luggage, and international courier.
  •  You can use the same account whenever needed.
  • Know where your shipment is at any point in time using different tracking number formats.

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