Express Package Tracking – Trace And Track Parcel

Express Package Tracking is a Hongkong-based courier company that provides courier services at very cheap rates compared to other international courier companies. It also offers cargo services. It is a subsidiary of Worldnet Group which was established in 2001.

Express Package Tracking:


400;”>Worldnet Express Tracking The company began in 2011 out of Canada. It was started by a team of logistic and shipping professionals who had a combined 30 years of experience in the field before they began. 

Express Package Tracking

Their primary goal was to provide superior customer service while maintaining environmentally friendly company culture. They wanted customers to feel confident that their shipping would be handled with care and sent out quickly, hence the quick company growth.

How does Express Tracking Work?

  • Developed by Worldnet. Co. Ltd, Worldnet Express is a full-service logistics and shipping company that operates in the North American market. Customers provide their items for shipping at one of its many warehouse locations across Canada. 
  • The packages are then weighed and measured for size and volume. If the items do not require customs brokerage, they are sent to the depot location and handed over to Canada Post for delivery. If there is a need for customs brokerage, it will be completed once the package reaches Canadian export control.
  • Worldnet Express Tracking The company has one location that is responsible for all of Canada and the USA, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •  No matter what time you send your packages off to be shipped, they will be handled within an hour by trained professionals who know how to handle every type of shipment. In an effort to provide a better service, they have created relationships with major carriers such as UPS and FedEx to ensure that all packages are delivered on time.
  • Worldnet Express Tracking Worldnet is also known for being environmentally conscious. They have been awarded the Green Company Seal of Approval from both EcoLogo and Green Business Certification Inc. 
  • They currently hold the title of being one of Alberta’s top 50 most sustainable companies for 5 consecutive years. Their desire to be environmentally friendly does not stop there, they also donate money to support various environmental educational programs.
  • Worldnet Express Tracking provides an online tracking facility to users from Hongkong, China, and Macau for all domestic and international courier shipments including Air Waybill, Docket Number, Shipment Number, Consignment Number, etc. This service is provided for all the modes of transport like Air, Sea, and Land.

Benefits Express Tracking:

  1. Worldnet Express Package Tracking is a very user-friendly site that allows users to track shipments from just about anywhere in the world. They use Google Maps which makes it easy for users to track shipments because one can see exactly where their shipment is at any point of time during its journey.
  2. Another benefit of this service is that it is very cost-effective. There are no monthly service fees for tracking shipments. A simple, one-time registration process allows users to track their shipments online free of charge.
  3. Worldnet Express Tracking makes use of state-of-the-art technology in its facilities and has a global network that provides users with accurate information on the location and status of their packages. 

Users are able to track their shipments online at any time, thus eliminating the need for them to call or email customer service agents for updates on their shipment’s location.

  1. The site provides users with shipment details in real-time so they can have a general idea of how long it will take for their package to arrive. The site also has an advanced notification system that alerts users via email or text message when specific criteria are met. This enables them to monitor their shipments closely and take immediate action if needed.
  2. For shipments that may get delayed, Worldnet Express Tracking makes it possible for users to fill out a hold mail request form that will stop the shipment from being delivered to the shipping address. This gives users a way to keep their shipments safe in case they have to take leave from work or go away on vacation and don’t want their shipment delivered until they return.
  3. In addition, Worldnet Express Tracking allows customers to change the status of their shipment from “In Transit” to “Delivered.” They can make the change directly on the site. This allows users to keep track of their shipment in case they end up traveling while it’s en route.
  4. Worldnet Express Tracking boasts an experienced customer support team that is ready to answer any questions or concerns users may have regarding their shipments. Users can either submit a ticket or call for assistance. Their customer support team is available 24×7 to handle any queries related to shipments in real-time; local time, of course.
  5. Finally, users can also track orders they placed with other companies on the Worldnet Express Tracking website as long as the company provides a tracking number for their shipment. This offers them convenience because they don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting several websites just to track their orders. Worldnet Express Tracking provides a one-stop service for users looking to track shipments from various companies under one site.

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