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The DTD express tracking is the only international postal service. The expresses tracking is the only international postal service that delivers items directly into Nigeria. It operates in conjunction with other international and local postal services.

DTD Express Tracking:


DTD Express Tracking

It is important to note that the users cannot track their items until after the packages are in Nigeria. It operates along with other international and local postal services. The users can track their items at any time through this service.

How to track parcels with DTD Express Tracking?

This tracking process is available online and offline. The following guidelines will help you understand how things work:

  1. The only way to track your items is by using the tracking number.
  2. You can’t track your items until they are in Nigeria.
  3. After the DTD express has arrived in Nigeria, email them for further information on when you will receive your packages/items.
  4. If you want to receive your items as quickly as possible, go to the DTD express office and pick them up yourself.
  5. There is no online tracking system for this service, but they will respond within 2 business days with any information you may need about your items.
  6. The items delivered by this express are not insured.
  7. If the items are shipped to you in boxes, they will be opened for inspection by customs officials in Nigeria.
  8. There is an extra fee required in order for you to receive your item/items faster than the standard 5-6 weeks delivery time frame. The express fee is about NGN1,000-NGN5,000 depending on the size of your item/items.
  9. The fees are paid to DHL Express Delivery Service in Nigeria before they can release your items to you.

 What features does DTD Express Tracking currently provide

Many. Too many to list here, but a short version is below:

  • Manage your packages with shipment tracking numbers
  • Easily add multiple packages to our system at once with bulk upload
  • Get shipping costs with real-time rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS & DHL
  • Track packages by carrier or gateway (USPSOnline is usps.com, for example)
  • Manage your subscriptions with automatic tracking updates
  • View shipment status on a map
  • Get notifications & alerts when a package status has been updated, for both failed and completed deliveries
  • View all packages in your account with their associated tracking numbers as well as the shipping carrier

What exactly is DTD Express Tracking

A: In short, it’s a service that makes managing tracking information for your shipping packages easier. We store all of your tracking numbers, shipping information, and current carrier along with you create multiple custom labels for your packages. When a package status has been updated, we alert you right away so you can keep track of it at all times!

What does Express Tracking cost me

A: Absolutely nothing! We built this service to help our users, not make money off them. To maintain the server and constantly provide updates for our existing users, we do accept donations through PayPal which can be accessed once signed in.

Does DTD Express Tracking really work

A: Absolutely! It’s one of the most reliable services around. We have dedicated servers to keep things running smoothly in addition to our state-of-the-art web application design.

Can I contact Express Tracking if I need help?

A: Of course! We offer full support for any user that needs it. Our “help” section has many articles already written with answers to frequently asked questions, but if you can’t find what you are looking for there, feel free to email us.


How do I add a package?

A: You can add packages by clicking the “Add” button on your home page. This will bring up a modal where you can enter information about your packages.

Do I need shipping confirmation for this?

No! DTD Express Tracking is meant to act as an aggregator for all of your tracking numbers, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Can I add a package with a tracking number that is no longer working?

Yes, we’ll check your package information and try our best to update it on the carrier’s website for you! Please note, many carriers take up to 24 hours for this tracking number to be updated. If it’s been more than that, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get your package information from them.


How do I add a shipment?

A: You can add shipments by clicking the “Add” button on your home page. This will bring up a modal where you can enter information about your packages.

Can I add multiple packages at once with DTD express tracking?

A: Yes! Simply open the “add” menu again and click “add another package.” You can also do this if you’ve added shipments before but need to make changes.

Do I need to enter all of my packages?

A: You can skip any package you’d like. We don’t mind if you want to only track some of your deliveries and not others! All we ask is that they have a tracking number associated with them, or else we can’t help you keep track of them.

Can I change or modify packages?

A: Absolutely! No problem at all, we make it easy to add and modify your packages. Just hit the “Modify” button next to any package you’d like to update and make changes from there. You can use this same process if you need help with a package that we’re already tracking.

  •  MANAGE YOUR PACKAGE’s STATUS WITH EASE with DTD express tracking 

How do I track my packages on the go?

A: We’ve got you covered! Our website is made with responsive design so it will look great and work perfectly on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. No matter where you are, your package will be with you at all times.

How do I get notified when changes happen?

We’ve got an answer for that too! Every time any of your packages are updated on the carrier’s website, we’ll send you an email to let you know what’s happened.

Can I track packages on the go?

Of course! The mobile page of DTD express tracking is easy to use and you can track your packages with all of the features that are available on the desktop version. You can also check out our standalone apps for Android or iOS which are optimized to take advantage of their native functionality.


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