Delta Airline Cargo & Parcel Tracking – Track Shipment

Delta Airline Cargo Tracking service provides you with the most accurate, up-to-date information about your shipment. You can find out where your shipment is from one minute to the next through the WorldTracer system. This real-time information allows you to make informed decisions and avoid costly rescheduling caused by late deliveries.

Delta Tracking:


One of the most recent and common innovations in cargo tracking is using a system called Delta. Delta uses GPS and other technologies to track packages and goods moving across the country by land: this includes trains, trucks, and delivery vans. This service is most popular among businesses that ship over large areas by ground vehicle, but individuals who travel often for their job or move a lot of cargo for other reasons may also use it.

Delta Airline cargo tracking

Delta is a service offered by Verizon, and it’s been around since 2006. In 2009 Delta added tracking capabilities for railcars to its services, but this wasn’t implemented until 2010. This makes sense because trains are big, slow, and generally stay on the same track for extended periods of time.

There are several aspects of delta cargo tracking that make it unique among other vehicle tracking services: Delta is the only service that currently provides ground-vehicle location, railcar location, and package visibility services. By contrast, other popular services like OnTrac only provide package visibility (although some do offer an add-on package-tracking service).

Advantages of Delta Airline Cargo Tracking:

The biggest advantage of Delta is that it provides unparalleled tracking capabilities. The drawback, however, is that the service uses Verizon’s network of cellular towers around the country for this information instead of satellite signals. This means that the information may not always be available in remote areas where a cell phone or internet access is unavailable.

In addition, the network’s accuracy is limited by the number of cell sites available for tracking. Because Delta uses a cellular network, it has very specific coverage areas. In order to receive the most precise information about their cargo’s location, companies using this service must make sure that their fleet is always within the range of at least three major cell towers.

The system is most precise when the cargo is within the home area of the cell towers. For example, if a truck driver traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco crosses through one or two smaller towns before arriving in San Francisco, they may not be within range of all five cell towers. 

Delta also provides a unique barcode scanning system that is implemented in many of its delivery vehicles. The driver scans packages as he loads them, and they are scanned again when the packages are unloaded at their destination. This allows Delta to keep a very accurate log of where each package was loaded and unloaded on its way to its final destination.

Features of Delta Airlines Cargo Tracking:

  • Delta Airlines offers track and return notifications on all international shipments, with the exception of China.
  • China requires a contracted airbill number in order to have tracking information.
  • International domestic shipments will not have an individual airbill number unless it is a shipment that was consolidated through a third-party service. In this instance, there will be a separate airbill number for the consolidation shipment.
  • Tracking information is available with the exception of consolidated international shipments and China.
  • All return notifications are effective within 24 hours from the time that your shipment departed from your origin country.
  • Delta Cargo does not require a specific form of contact information from their customers, as long as it is a working email or phone number.
  • Delta will use the most cost-effective carrier to send your shipment notification. This may be Smart Post, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, etc… depending on your destination and shipment weight.
  • The Delta Cargo automated service will not be able to contact customers during times of extreme weather.
  • – Even though international shipments are only guaranteed once they have reached US soil, Delta Cargo may still attempt delivery before the package reaches its destination country. Attempted deliveries that occur prior to the arrival of the package in the country do not fall under any type of guarantee as they are not considered international shipments. These attempted deliveries also will not have a tracking number associated with them, as these shipments do not require one.
  •  International Shipping times vary from country to country and depend on the time that it takes for your shipment to travel from its origin point to its destination point. Once the package has reached the US, it then becomes an international shipment that requires a signature upon delivery.
  • Delta Cargo will attempt to notify customers once their package has arrived at the north or south terminal, but there is no guarantee as to whether or not a notification will be received by the customer.
  •  Delta Cargo guarantees that if their cargo has arrived, you will receive notification within two hours of the package arriving at the north or south terminal. If it has not arrived, due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or mechanical issues on an aircraft, then Delta Cargo understands that you are entitled to another attempt at notification the following day.
  • If your shipment is not picked up by you or a representative at the north or south terminal, then it will be subject to storage fees of $13 per package for each 24 hour period that it is held in storage.

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