Wilko Order Tracking – Track and Trace Your Parcel Live

Welcome to the Wilko Order Tracking. Forget phones, emails, and support tickets. Let’s track our orders by just entering the order number and there will be quicker results. We will not rest until our packages are at our doorsteps.  So let’s track our packages together.

Wilko Order Tracking:


Wilko Order Tracking

How to track the parcel with this tracking service?

For tracking the parcels with Wilko Order Tracking the first step is to find the tracking number. Let’s look in the ‘purchases’ tab of our account page.

*Click on the tab labeled ‘purchases.’ A list of orders appears with large boxes to the right of each order with order numbers.

Not there?

  • Then let’s check our email for a confirmation email.
  • A list of emails appear with large boxes to the right of each email, one is labeled ‘confirmation.’*

Did we get a confirmation in our email?

Great! We can move on to our next step. Let’s go to the ‘tracks orders’ page on our account page.

  • A quick link is provided below the ‘purchases’ tab.
  • What was that order number again? It’s probably in there! Let’s put it in, and click track.
  • A box appears with two options: Track by tracking Number… or Track by Reference..

Features of Wilko Order Tracking

The article highlights the features of Wilko Order Tracking.  Order tracking is a free service provided by the company which enables users to check their shipment details like delivery date and time. Once you register with Wilko, then you can check the status of your shipment by entering an order number.

The features of Wilko Order Tracking are:

  • 400;”>Track all orders placed via website or call center.
  •  Get notifications about delivery date and time.
  •  You can get updates on order near to delivery, update on rescheduling and cancellation, etc.
  •  Also, get updates on dispatch and dispatch notes.
  • Customers will be notified of the actual delivery one day before the scheduled date.
  • This service notifies customers about all information regarding their order status via email and SMS alerts.
  • Also, you can read other customer reviews like pricing, specifications, warranty, etc
  • Wilko Order Tracking is very useful for customers to get updates on order status. It is one of the best features by Wilko which has made it different from others.
  • Customers can track orders placed via website or call center during the past 12 months.
  • This service has been functional since 20th January 2015 so you can check your order’s shipment details up to that date.
  • They also offer a facility to send SMS alerts about the order status.
  • Finally, I would like to say that It is one of the best features by Wilko which has made it different from others.

Write about the format for the tracking number of Wilko Order Tracking?

I’ve been recently buying a lot from Wilko, and each time I’m getting my order delivered to me via courier, the package comes with a tracking number. I was wondering if there’s a standard format for these numbers as it isn’t always the same one which bothers me because whenever I receive an email that contains this tracking number, I need to check where I got it from, and add the tracking number myself. Wilko’s order tracking number is not always the same.

So far I have used this format to track my orders with Wilko: **************RNID(optional)*************. The END is only required when you have a registered account with them.

Benefits Wilko Order Tracking System:

  • The system uses a barcode to scan items and customers can track their orders online.
  •  Customers have the option of checking the status of their order. In addition, they can also check if specific items are in stock.
  • The main advantage for customers is that they can monitor their order from any location at any time, as long as they have internet access. They are no longer required to call the company to check on their order status.
  • Customers also benefit by being able to choose which shipment option suits them best. For instance, some customers prefer to receive their items in one quick shipment while others might want items shipped separately or in separate shipments to save money.
  • The main advantage for Wilko is that the system enables them to keep track of customer orders, reduce phone calls to their call centers and receive feedback about how customers interact with their online store. The system also allows them to manage stock more effectively which in turn reduces lost revenue.
  • As a result, the system is beneficial to both Wilko and its customers.


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