IPS Tracking – Track And Trace Your Shipments Live

IPS tracking service LTD was established in 1983, a privately owned Irish company. The company is specialized in global sea and freight tracking. The courier tracking is offering its service to the people of delivering couriers quickly from one location to another.

It offers air freight, cargo, and relocation services for moving parcels from Ireland to other countries. The courier company is working with local service on a fixed daily basis in all the major Irish and US cities including Dublin, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago with a quick Irish market.

IPS Tracking:

IPS Tracking

IPS Groupage Services provides a fully integrated Deep Sea consolidation service operating from all major commercial centers throughout the world USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, South America, Mexico, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. You can track your parcel by entering the tracking number on the tracker.

The tracking number helps you to know about the exact location of your parcel and the estimated delivery time of the parcel. You can get to know about the live location of your parcel with the strong API-inbuilt service. There is a great feature of getting a quote of the fare for the cargo, air, and courier service


There are many features of Courier tracking. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of the tracking service.

  • Economical delivery service
  • Much active franchise
  • Efficient and smooth delivery
  • Strong API system
  • Updation regarding delivery
  • Information secured
  • Finger sensor
  • Strong Customer dealing and relations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Low delivery charges
  • No tax charged on delivery and tracking service
  • Charges at booking time
  • Latest technology involved
  • Online quotes of tracking IPS
  • Air, cargo, and ocean tracking international and courier service

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  1. your saying that my shoes that should have been delivered well over a week ago that it is still in tansit but at the same time your saying that your guy stopped by my address and booked it as a bad address?! Which is completely mind bogling seeing as you guys have absolutely every piece of information you could ever possibly need to track me down including my country, city, street address, buzz #, unit #, full name and my phone #. so I want to know right now what all this B.S. is about , why I don’t have my shoes by now and most of when the hell I will be receiving them?! Yours insanely ticked: Lucas Bennett of Ottawa Ont., Canada. on 1411 Morisset Ave,buzz #129, unit #29E, postal code K1Z8H3, phone # 613-400-2254. just in case you just lost all my info entirely like an absent minded 3yr old. here it is all over again. and just for the the record I have not left my place at all in two weeks so no one could have come by while I was’nt here because I’ve always been here so don’t try and play that card. P.s. get back to me asap with answers to every question that I’ve asked in this complaint today. And I want it done now! Lucas Bennett.


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