Geopost tracking -Trace and Track Your Parcel Live

Geopost tracking is the name of the French post office’s subsidiary for package delivery. They deliver online purchases and other parcels. The GeoPost parcel tracking service allows users to track parcels round the clock in real-time, anywhere in the world. It is free for customers of GeoPost. GeoPost parcels are simply any packages sent via French national postal operator La Poste.

Geopost Tracking:


Geopost tracking

The tracking system allows you to track your order with an order number or a tracking number (reference).

GeoPost Parcel Tracking: Track By Order Number

  1. To track by an order number, visit the GeoPost tracking page. You should either have your order number or your tracking ID available to enter into the search bar on that page.
  2. 2) Enter your order number or tracking ID. If you have entered a valid tracking ID, the system should confirm the exact location of your delivery within a few minutes.

Benefits of GeoPost Parcel Tracking:

  • GeoPost offers an online tracking service for international parcels sent to any destination worldwide in real-time. Customers can check the status of their parcels at any moment, even if they don’t have access to a computer or internet connection.
  • -Customers can find out exactly where their packages are in the delivery process. They can follow them from the sending post office to La Poste’s internal distribution center, then on to the destination country’s postal operator. In some countries, GeoPost parcels may need to go through a customs process or be cleared with local authorities before the parcel is handed over to the final recipient.
  •  Customers can check if their parcels have been delivered or returned as undelivered due to customer error, such as a wrong address or contact number. Undeliverables are sent back to the sender free of charge.
  • GeoPost does not offer a return service for undeliverable parcels. Customers wishing to return a parcel and get a refund or replacement will need to contact the company that sent them the product, as carriers do not handle returns.
  •  Because it is free for GeoPost customers, this service does not incur any additional costs on orders even if multiple parcels are included in one order (for example, gifts sent at the same time to multiple recipients).
  • GeoPost parcels automatically have the best delivery conditions. Because they are processed by a national postal operator, GeoPost parcels have priority over other forms of transport that may be slower or less secure.

How to track orders through Parcel Tracking?

If you only need to track shipments from dpd GeoPost tracking (GeoPost is an international express mail service organization, operating in France and Belgium), then you should use Parcel tracker. The tracking number format for GeoPost is as follows:

PP2x-xxx-xxxx PP = GeoPost/Geopost 2x-xxx-xxxx = tracking number xxx = country code (here, FR or BE) The country codes are as follows

FR – France, BE – Belgium If the shipment is sent to another country, use PP2X-123456789. 123456789 = the tracking number and X = M or N for all of Europe, or R for Russia. Note that ‘N’ and ‘R’ are the only two-letter country codes. 

Enter your tracking number and date of shipment, click Track from geopost tracking. The system will show you the courier that is currently carrying your package. You can check on the progress of your order at any time by typing in the tracking number again on the


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