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Speedpak tracking is a logistic service established in 2018 by eBay with the collaboration of the Chinese logistic partner company Orange Connex Ltd. The courier service is integrated with eBay the eCommerce platform for making item delivery convenient. Now eBay is expanding its operations to Europe, Germany, Italy, and many other 41  countries.

Speedpak Tracking:


Speedpak tracking Speedpak tracking is providing door-to-door delivery service in 21 cities of China with import-export tracking, logistic tracking, and terminal logistics. Moreover, Speedpak expresses initially launched its deliveries in SpeedPAK initially launched with deliveries from the following 21 cities in China: Beijing, Qingdao, Jinan, Xi’an, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Yiwu, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. The speed express tracks the door-to-door services for the people. Moreover,  the express delivery service offers its service in 5-9 days on average. On standard days it will deliver the  8-12 days. If you did not receive the parcel these days according to your package you can track your parcel with the allotted number tracking. The tracking number format of the courier service is a combination of 26 numeric digits and alphabets. You can track your parcel’s exact location and estimated delivery time with this tracking China. You need to fill out the form from the website for booking the parcel. 

Features of Speedpak Tracking:

There are many features of eBay tracking that make it a more preferred choice for people around the world. Let’s have a look at these premium features.

  • Customer engagement
  • Aftership updations through SMS and email
  • Easily track the information about the parcel
  • Tracking code with the Speed express tracking app 
  • Reliable and quick courier service working around the world
  • If the sender asked for a signature, have to sign before receiving the parcel 
  • Arrange pickups
  • Neighbors can receive parcels
  • Online invoice and receipt
  • Integrated with eBay

What if I didn’t receive my parcel?

If you didn’t receive your parcel these days you can track your parcel by adding the tracking number in the tracker. On the other hand, you can contact our customer support for tracking USPS the parcel.  Otherwise, there are many parcel shops that receive the parcels on your behalf. You can check your speedpak tracking parcel there.

  • Tracking id is almost the same for Economy and Standard types of SpeedPAK. It consists of two letters (EE or ES), and 26 characters.
  • Economy SpeedPAK:
  • EE1000434213589UB01020003A0A
  • EE1000511382772DH01010003G0A
  • EE1000393702635DH01040003E0A
  • Standard SpeedPAK:
  • ES1000659284416NG01010001E0A
  • ES1000355125348NG01010001A0A
  • ES1000253044234DH01010001B0A

Can I deliver my shipment to any other address?

If you want to deliver your shipment to any other address you can chat with tracking eBay customer support.

Can I have my shipment without signatures?

You can have your shipment without signatures in Canada because express ground tracking is offering no signature service for the Candian residents so if you’re Canadian you can have your shipment without signatures.

Does Speedpak tracking drop the package at the door?

The courier tracking service can drop the package in case you have selected no signature option.  If you are unable to receive your parcel with tracking you can ask for no signature option from customer support. In this case, the shipment tracking drops the package at the safest place on the door side.

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