Maruti Courier Tracking – Track Your Parcel Live

Maruti courier tracking is a way of knowing the exact location of a mail or package. It enables people to see where their parcels are and how far they have traveled. When you go online, the details about your order will be displayed as well as its present position/location depending on whether it has been delivered yet or not because of this system, you won’t have to wait for the package to arrive before knowing where it is and that is exactly what Maruti courier tracking does.

Maruti Courier Tracking:


The Maruti courier tracking concept is becoming very popular among people nowadays because of its efficient service and benefits. People can’t deny that today, fast and secure deliveries are becoming very important and companies all over the world are making sure that their services abide by this rule. That is why they come up with different ways to make things work for people.

Maruti courier tracking

That’s what Maruti courier tracking exactly does because it enables you to know where your package is in real-time. And it’s more accurate than other services because you don’t have to wait for the package to arrive before knowing where it has been delivered.

The reason why people are using this service is because of its many advantages that cannot be found anywhere else. With Maruti courier tracking, one would not have to wonder and real-time information about your packages/mails. You will also know the time span between different locations to determine the speed of your package.

Maruti courier tracking also gives you an idea about how much time it will take for your parcels/mails to reach their destinations.

How do I track Maruti couriers?

The location of your mail/package can be tracked because each postal service has its own unique number which is known only to them. This makes it easier to locate the package using their database.

When you want to track your parcel, all you have to do is enter the number of your tracking on different websites that provide this service and find out where it is right now. If not yet delivered, then at least you know which city or town it is in currently.

You can also use your phone because different mobile applications are now available that you could download for free. You then only have to enter the number of your tracking and it will show you where your package is in real-time.

What is the tracking number format for Maruti courier tracking?

The tracking number is LRLYB62161180IN which represents

  • L – Land (cargo)
  • LR – Location Region (Land)
  • LY – Line (railway line, for this case Mumbai-New Delhi route)
  • B – Box (20ft. container box, for this case EMC No.)
  • 6216 – Consignment No.
  • 1180 – Order No.
  • IN – India

Track Maruti courier Tracking by SMS:

  • You can track with the help of two strings, either with SR/BY or TD/DN, below is a given on how to use it with each.
  • SR means Service Request and BY means Billing Advice.
  • TD means Terminal Dispatch and DN means Delivery Note.
  • Input <TD,SR> or TD/DN to 56161 (tollfree) for current status of shipment.
  • Input <TD, DN> to 56161 (toll-free) for delivery schedule/estimated date of delivery given by Service Provider.


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