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Canpar is Candian leading small parcel service established in 1967 by John Cyopeck. Canpar tracking is highly focused on the shipping solution of its people to meet the needs and demands of the world. The parcel delivery service is cost-effective and technologically upgraded to deliver the parcels timely. The Candian owner tracking service has over 55 terminals and 800+ smarts spots locations worldwide including the main cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver of the country.

Canpar Tracking:


The delivery service engaged the customer with after shipment updates and by allotting the tracking numbers to know where their parcel is and when it will arrive. In 2002 Capar was acquired by TFI International which was the key member of the parcel delivery service.

Canpar Tracking

After acquiring, the TFI created values for its customer in terms of timely shipping and cost-efficiency. Domestically you can receive shipment within a day or two but for international shipping, you must have all the verified documents. With the verified documents you can book your shipment with Canpar express.

Canpar Express is a tracking service that can help you to deliver the shipment quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the delivery service is very quick in case you want to deliver anything quickly. Give a chance to Canpar delivery and tracking service. The premium features of the Canpar express make it unique from the other delivery services working in the country and worldwide. The premium feature of the delivery service is that it provides support in multiple languages, almost sixteen different languages, so it becomes easy for everyone to use Canpar express.

Canpar Tracking Features:

There are many amazing features of the Canpar tracking. Let’s have a look at these features of the tracking service.

  • Customer Engagement after the shipment
  • Delivery updates
  • Web Shipping (Online shipping process and invoicing)
  • Online and organized shipping
  • Time management
  • Pick up tag service
  • COD
  • Signature chain
  • On-demand pick up service
  • Return tag
  • Premium services on Saturdays
  • Enhanced tracking and invoicing
  • Custom Rate calculates
  • Multiple language support

What is the tracking number format?

The tracking number format is a bit unique as it is a combination of both alphabets and numeric characters. The format of tracking involves one alphabetic character and 12 numeric digits. The format of parcel tracking involves one alphabetic character and 20 numeric digits. One Alphabetic character with 21 numeric digits for Canpar tracking number format.

  • A420887430000016323001
  • D464000260000001452007
  • F46602022000000715002
  • J431931200000001456001
  • T464000260000001448006
  • A464000260000001443001
  • B464000260000001447001
  • X464000260000001441006
  • Z464000260000001446001
  • W425001170000000082003

How can I track the shipment with?

You can track your shipment by adding the tracking code of 13 to 21 digits on the tracker. By putting that number in you can get to know where your shipment is and estimation of when the shipment will be received.

What if Canpar tracking is not updating?

Maybe due to the overload, the Canpar express tracking is not working at the moment. But don’t worry it will be back soon and you will get information regarding your shipment. Moreover, you can contact our support system in case of any problem which is available in sixteen different languages for its customers for adding value and making reliable relations.

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