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MSC tracking Mediterranean Shipping Company is a company engaged in logistics and parcel service. Since 1970 in Geneva, Switzerland, the MSC has been established and has been performing its operations privately by the Aponte family. The MSC has wide operations in the container service and is working with 100,000 employees and 570 fleets there.

The medu shipping company is offering its service to individuals, businesses, local and international communities to deliver the items successfully. With massive delivery operations and the delivery, the MSC makes sure that its people can talk to the helplines directly and anytime.

MSC Tracking:


MSc Tracking

The bill of lading is the evidence for shipping the goods from the cargo. It’s a legal document and it ensures the booking of your shipment. MSC tracking allows you to track the shipping and you are just one click away to know about the exact location of your shipment and the estimated time of your shipment arrival.

You can track the location Just by having the MSC container tracking numbers, anyone from any country can easily track the shipment including the countries Germany, Bahrain, Italy, Brazil, United States, Togo, Singapore, South Africa.

How to find the MSC shipment tracking number?

MSC tracking needs a shipment tracking number to know the exact location of the container. If there is any bill of landing such as master bill of lading or horse of landing you can easily have your booking tracking number.

Moreover, by having the number you can enter the Vessels tracking number in the tracker it will show the result regarding your shipment in minutes. The line tracking number is mentioned on the bill of lading. In case you have missed your tracking code you can have it from that document.

The format of the medu tracking code is the combination of alphabet letters and numeric digits. MSC cargo tracking code consists of 11 digits including the 4 alphabetic letters and 7 numeric digits. For example, it may seem like this WXYZ1234567.

If you didn’t receive the shipment or you want to know the exact location when it will reach the port you can track it otherwise you can contact customer support.

How can I check my Bill of Lading?

There are many important things that we should check on the bill of lading. If these things are alright then you can accept that. The identity of the shipper, the identity of the shipper must be true because the shipper is in the contract.

    • Date and place of lading


  • Delivery of Shipment


  • Loading and discharge of shipment
  • Condition of the Goods
  • Freight and Quantity of Good
  • Conflicting terms
  • Document set.

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