Romania Post Tracking – Trace and Track Poșta Română

The Romania Post tracking is owned by the Romanian state, it is the national postal operator owned by the ministry of information and communication. The courier service is offering the high-end quality service of delivering posts from one point to another anywhere in the territory of the country.

Romania Post Tracking:


Romania Post Tracking

You can track the parcel by entering the tracking number that has been provided at the time of the booking. The tracking number format consists of numbers and digits to make a unique tracking number combination.  The standard tracking number format is consist of 13 characters including digits and numbers such as:

( # Letter, * Digit ! Letter Or Digit )

   ( H# *** *** *** RO )   ( B# *** *** *** RO )

  ( N# *** *** *** RO )   ( Q# *** *** *** RO )

   ( G# *** *** *** RO )   ( M# *** *** *** RO )

( FG *** *** *** ** )
The tracking number of the Romania post has a different structure than the other operating services. To know the exact location of the parcel and estimated delivery time you can track through the tracking number. The courier service is accepting the payments through the card. You need to fill out the form provided by the courier service for booking the parcels.

Features of Romania post tracking:

The post office tracking service features are adding value for its customer and making it one of the most reliable parcel delivery and tracking services. Let’s have a look at the ultimate features of courier tracking.

  • Online Payment through the bank cards
  • Customer Engagement with after sale and delivery updates
  • Keep the customers updated regarding the shipping of the parcel
  • Reliable and quick cross border courier service 
  • Courier Service with strong inbuilt tracking API and webhooks
  • A parcel tracking number to know the exact location of the parcel
  • Shipping updates with instant parcel monitoring 
  • Automatic invoicing and E-billing service
  • Multiple language customer support available

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