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The yodel tracking courier company is a UK-based company. The courier company works with 80% of UK-based retailers. They almost deliver 150 million packages in a year. It provides you smart bar code so you can track every parcel at all points. 

Yodel Tracking:


Yodel Tracking

How can I track my parcel?

You can easily track your parcel by the following procedure:

Firstly you need to open their official site and enter the tracking number which is provided to you via mail or message. Now you can easily see the status of your shipment. This is accessible for both buyer and seller. The buyer can track the parcel by yodel tracking and the seller can also track the shipment. So seller can also know that parcel reached its final designation or not. 

What is my parcel id or number?

It’s a unique code that consists of 8 to 20 numbers it allows you to track the product you have ordered. You must have the tracking number provided to you because there is no other thing that you can track your order. So till you don’t receive the product you must have to keep it safe.

Through this code, you’ll access all the information that where is your parcel, when it was dispatched for the delivery, and when it arrived at the origin, each information about the product is just one tracking number away.

Why there is no tracking for the parcel?

You’ll receive the tracking number after the confirmation and most of the time it takes few minutes and then you start the UK tracking the seller need some time to update the status of the product. Sometimes that’s why it shows you an error.

Yodel tracking number examples:

The tracking number considers 8 to 20 digits jD0002210160195973, 8AF710004557A002, the tracking number will be looking like this.

The express tracking system is accurate or not?

The tracking system shows you the exact status of your product whether it is dispatched or not, it has arrived in origin or not. Yodel tracking is fully accurate to know the status. 

What days the courier service deliver?

the courier service delivers the shipments 6 days a week many other services deliver 5 days a week but the company is in few who deliver 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm. 

How long does it take yodel to deliver the parcel? 

In normal circumstances, it takes 7 working days to reach the parcel its real designation.

    • 400;”>International small parcel measurements:
    • Maximum weight: 2kg
    • Maximum length: 60cm
    • Maximum girth: 90cm  
    • International parcel measurements:
    • Maximum weight: 30kg
    • Maximum length: 120cm
    • Maximum girth: 300cm
    • Benefits of using courier service:
    • The tracking service has a fast delivery that is 3 to 5 days within the EU.
    • Six to ten delivery in rest of the world 
    • Yodel provides you fully trackable international domestic tracking service


  • Full customer service supports the tracking service provides to you.

Transit liability:

On the way to the designation if your parcel gets damaged package tracking will take full responsibility for it.

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