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CTT tracking is a Portugal company which is dealing with domestic and international post services delivering posts, emails, letters, and parcels to people on time.  The most prominent and established delivery service since 1520. Correios de Portugal is a private company working in Portugal with its headquarter in Lisbon which is the capital of Portugal.

CTT Tracking:


Initially, the delivery service was under the Portuguese government but later on, the government sold all the stocks of the tracking and made it privatize. The company was sold by the government for 823 EUR million and opened a private bank with each post office to make the services more convenient for its customers. Currently, Correios de Portugal deals with plenty of shipments daily and performs its operations in 150 countries of the world. 

CTT tracking

How can I track my parcel with the CTT tracking?

The Correios de Portugal is a transportation and delivery service and it deals in national and international deliveries. The whole control of the shipment is with the Correios de Portugal company. So all the data related to the domestic and international parcels are available on the website of CTT tracking.

Anyone can track their parcels to know about the exact location of the parcel and estimated delivery time of the parcel arrival, information about sender and receiver, weight and type of product everything mentioned on the package so you can track that easily.  The inbuilt strong API integration system in the Correios de Portugal tracking delivery express helps you to track the parcel and get the live location of your parcel.

How long does CTT tracking take to deliver parcels?

Normally, the courier service takes 24 hours maximum for delivering parcels. Correios de Portugal is a privately owned company so all the control is with the CTT tracking parcel service. Other parcel service charges are much higher with the shortened time of delivery but Correios de Portugal tracking and delivery service are offering economical charges for the quick delivery. It takes 24 hours for national deliveries because Correios de Portugal is handling everything.

On the other hand, it does not have any control over international deliveries. International deliveries depend on the size, distance, and weight of the packages so it will take time according to the express deliveries. In long distant areas, it takes about a week to deliver the parcel to its destination.

How can I contact Correios de Portugal?

It is very easy to contact the express tracking courier service customer support. You can contact CTT tracking customer support via SMS, webpage, contact number, and email. Customer support is always available to assist you in case of any query.

How can I find my parcel tracking number of Correios de Portugal?

After booking confirmation you will be allotted to its customers through email. You can check your email or product receipt in case you didn’t find the tracking number you can contact CTT tracking customer support. The tracking code is clearly mentioned in the mail once you get your domestic or international tracking number then you can easily track your parcel.

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